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m:pro Dear Visitor,

Thank you for visiting the m:pro portal.

Please note that m:portal is still under construction and that our objectives are very ambitious.

Make sure you frequently come back to update yourself on the latest status.

Best regards,

Why should you register at the m:pro portal?

Registration is free, quick and easy, and gives you instant access to a whole range of extra content, features and services!

  • You can post and reply to messages on the message boards
  • You can receive email notification when someone replies to your message.
  • You bookmark pages on the site and receive email notification when they are updated.
  • You can submit files, links and articles to the site.
  • You can exchanges messages with other members without compromising your personal email address.
  • And more...


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Is your personal information secure?

Security and privacy is probably one of the most significant concerns for users submitting information over the Internet.

m:portal uses a combination of both established and innovative techniques to ensure the security and integrity of all sensitive data from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Furthermore, our public web servers are using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol ensuring that you can have confidence that nobody can impersonate m:portal to obtain confidential information. Some popular web browsers indicate this level of security in their status bar or you can see this as part of the page address (e.g.

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